EUCO-CC9 - 9th European Conference of Computational Chemistry - 1-5 September 2013 - Sopron, Hungary
Saturday, 18 November 2017
Invited speakers


As of today, the following colleagues have already accepted our invitation:

1) Bridging grid- and super-computing for chemical calculations
Elda Rossi (Bologna)
Thomas Müller
Gergely Sipos (Amsterdam)

2) Cutting edge quantum chemistry
Leticia Gonzalez (Vienna)
Mihály Kállay (Budapest)
Jozef Noga (Bratislava)

3) Computational chemistry of non-covalent interactions
Ibon Alkorta (Madrid)
Tore Brinck (Stockholm)
Stephan Grimme (Bonn)

4) Computational chemistry of biomolecules
Pavel Hobza (Prague)
Jozica Dolenc (Zürich)
Roberto Improta  (Neaples)

5) Computational chemistry of solid states and surfaces
Richard Dronskowski (Aachen)
Marcus A. Neumann (Freiburg)
Steven Parker (Bath)

6) Bioinformatics and molecular modelling in drug discovery
Sándor Pongor (Trieste)
Chris de Graaf (Amsterdam)
Slawomir Filipek (Warsaw)

Elda Rossi (Bologna)