EUCO-CC9 - 9th European Conference of Computational Chemistry - 1-5 September 2013 - Sopron, Hungary
Saturday, 18 November 2017


9th edition of the European Conference of Computational Chemistry (EuCo-CC) is ahead of us. This is the second time that this series is taking place in Hungary: in 2000 we had a successful 3rd EuCo-CC in Budapest with about 200 participants. This time we visit another part of Hungary, far West, right at the Austrian border. Sopron is an old town with significant wine production. Thus, it is not only the excellent science which makes this trip worth to consider.

The EuCo-CC series is organized by the Division of Computational Chemistry (DCC) of EuCheMS, the European chemistry organization. The DCC is devoted to promoting research and education in computational chemistry. Here computational chemistry should be understood in a broad sense: our goal is to represent all fields in chemistry where heavy computations are required. Therefore the topics of this conference are diverse but the computational technology represents a common background. We hope that contributions from each different fields will have impact on others, i.e. we will learn from each others results.

The local organizers and the members of the DCC are all hope to welcome you in Sopron between the 1-5th of September 2013.

Please note that the abstract submission deadline is March 15th.


Prof. Péter G. Szalay
chairman of EUCO-CC9